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All Ashra Designs :: Judaic Art Creations ketubahs are intended for anyone desiring a unique and enduring symbol of their marriage and commitment as life-partners. Your ketubah will arrive signed by the artist, Gabrielle Mizrachi-Mallin. Each ketubah is printed on premium glossy photo paper and premium printer inks. A detailed explanation of the symbolic meaning of the design is also included. While the materials used to create your custom ketubah are of the highest quality, when framing choices are made, we suggest that you choose a UV protective glass to further ensure that the vibrancy lasts for generations to come.

The inspiration for the “Divine Sparks Ketubah” comes from the concept that we each have our own unique and brilliant "spark" that originates from Gd. On the day of their wedding, the bride and groom, unite in a blessed marriage. Their "light" combines to create one that is exponentially larger than what they could create on their own, and becomes the foundation for their new life together. The backgound of this ketubah glistens and relects the light of our Creator, found within each of us. The Hebrew words surrounding the ketubah text translate to "For with you is the source of life - by Your light may we see light" (Psalm 36:10). The Hebrew in the lower corners invoke a blessing to the nuptial couple. They state, "Praised is love, blessed is this marriage. May the bride and the bridegroom rejoice together". The first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, "Aleph", is positioned above the ketubah text. It's numerical value is 1, and symbolizes Gd. It is also the first letter of the Hebrew word for "light".

For the text of this ketubah, you may choose words from our ancient tradition or words from your own heart that will make this document a personal and precious statement of your new journey as husband and wife or life partners. I will happily modify any of the text options available or insert any provided text to make your statement of marriage a unique and perfect reflection of your special union. Texts available include: Orthodox, Conservative with Lieberman clause, Reform, Interfaith and Non-Traditional. There is no additional charge if you would like to write and provide me with your own English text. Please contact me to view the full array of ketubah texts.

20" x 20" Signed Print (rolled) - Image size 16" x 16"// Price $115
24" x 24" Signed Print (rolled) - Image size 20" x 20" // Price $125

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