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All Ashra Designs :: Judaic Art Creations ketubahs are intended for anyone desiring a unique and enduring symbol of their marriage and commitment as life-partners. Your ketubah will arrive signed by the artist, Gabrielle Mizrachi-Mallin.

Each ketubah is printed on premium glossy photo paper with premium printer inks. 3D framed ketubahs are "constructed" with 7-12 layers that are trimmed to create a dimensional frame that surrounds the text. A detailed explanation of the symbolic meaning of the design is also included. The shadowbox frame includes UV protective glass to ensure that the vibrancy lasts for generations to come. This 3D framed ketubah is designed with a removable matted back layer that creates an elegant presentation at the ketubah signing ceremony with easy access to the signature lines. When the signed ketubah is returned to the back of the shadowbox frame, it is immediately ready to hang on your wall.

The square format of the Four Pillars ketubah symbolizes the balance, equality and stability of the couple’s blessed union. The ornate frame of carved stone represents a relationship that will stand the test of time. Each corner carries the weight of the marriage covenant and is the foundation for the days ahead. The upper right corner is “Ahava”, meaning “Love”. The upper left corner is “Kavod”, meaning “Respect”. The lower left corner is “Aymoon”, which means “Trust” and “Faith”. The lower right corner is “Maton”, which means “Giving”. Within the window of the outer frame is a radiant bursting kaleidoscope of color representing the marriage itself. Like a puzzle, each individual unique piece creates the total picture. Each section is dependent on the other. The bride and groom each make their daily contributions to this amazing image resulting in a splendid mosaic that becomes more beautiful as the days and years pass.

For the text of this ketubah, you may choose words from our ancient tradition or words from your own heart that will make this document a personal and precious statement of your new journey as husband and wife or life partners. I will happily modify any of the text options available or insert any provided text to make your statement of marriage a unique and perfect reflection of your special union. Texts available include: Orthodox, Conservative with Lieberman clause, Reform, Interfaith and Non-Traditional. There is no additional charge if you would like to write and provide me with your own English text. Please contact me to view the full array of ketubah texts.

25" x 25" 3D, Framed, Double Matted, w/ Removable Back Layer - Image size 16" x 16"// Price $700

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